Web Products

During my studies, I have had to create many different styles of websites. Below are short blurbs about each project I have made during my web education.

First Year

HNC Digital Design. This was at City of Glasgow College and was an introduction to web technologies, user experience design and object-oriented programming.

The Black Keys

My first full web product was to be created for a band. I chose The Black Keys because I was listening to them a lot at the time and thought they had a really good colour scheme in their latest release.

Screen Grab of the black keys website

Music Online

The music-based websites kept up this year and we were asked to create a website with a working backend database. This site allows users to search through a database to get an album along with its information to display.

Office table with various platforms

Calorie Counter

The Calorie Counter was a jQuery Mobile app that allowed users to search for food and drink items and find out nutritional information about them. The user could then add this item to a list that would count the calories they had consumed that day.

Crowded Street

Third Year

Web Design and Development. I moved my studies to Edinburgh Napier University to further my education into advance web technologies, digital storytelling and user centred organisation systems.


This web product was my first introduction to Python's microframework Flask. This really helped me to create dynamic websites with less code repetition.

Tricktionary screenshot

Edinburgh Napier CRM

A group project in which five students had to design a web portal for the Napier University staff to allow potential Graduate Apprentice applicants to apply online.

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screenshot of the Napier CRM


A Flask clone of instagram that worked with SQLite3 in the back. Instaslam was a RESTful webapp that taught me a lot about how the client and server communicate with each other. This used UploadCare to store and edit images on the fly.

instaslam screenshot

Fourth Year

Hons Web Design and Development. The final year of study at Edinburgh Napier University.

Chilli Plant site screenshot

Chilli Plant Stats

Can a chilli plant tweet? Yes, it can! Through the use of an Arduino MKR1000. This group project saw us link the plant up to twitter through ThingSpeak, Temboo and our very own dashboard to give this plant life.

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Crammer site screenshot

Honours Project: Crammer

I chose to do my Honours Project on social media platforms, social capital and social comparisons then developed a website that would encourage users to cherish the relationships they share with each other. This was done by limiting the number of connections one user could have as well as only allowing users to appear anonymous, that way everyone is on a level pegging.

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