Story So Far

Below I have storyboards for College/University and information about my Internship.

Each of these sections showcase a different part of my story so far, with design, development and professionalism all being highlighted in the work below.

I have chosen to include all my work as it shows a journey, rather than a destination.


Before development can begin on a website, designs must be created and agreed upon so that both the client and developer have a good idea of what the final product will look like.

Below I have included storyboards that were turned into websites during my college and university course. While these give good insight of how a web product might look when delivered, it may differ from the final design due to client's demands or a developer's advice.

First Year - Blue Water Music

The scope for this project was to create a webpage for a band that we really liked at that point in time. I chose The Black Keys and decided to theme the website after their most recent album.

Second Year - Shilling Brewing Company

This was my graded unit for college. This project worked with Shilling Brewing Company and was my first opportunity having a real client. I was lucky enough to have been supplied with high-quality images of the bar as well as a style guide which I incorporated.

3rd Year - Cyberpsychology

This was an interesting University project as we had to create storyboards for a website that was based on the word "Trust". I Created "Tickicks" as there needs to be a level of trust between vendors and users when money is being exchanged for goods online.

4th Year - Crammer

My Final university project: Crammer was a social media platform that was centred around creating and maintaining social relationships. There was a litarture review on social capital that went heavily influenced the development of this project and its purpose.


The Design Department Logo

From Febuary untill September 2019, I worked at The Design Departments as a junior web developer.

The Design Department was a small team that handled around 30 clients that used WordPress, Joomla and Squarespace websites.

This has given me experience working with clients as well as driving me to produce quality websites to a strict time schedules.

SCS Group

SCS Logo

This was the first project I developed for scratch for a client at my time with The Design Department. I have created all the HTML, CSS and PHP code used throughout this site.

The graphics for this site were created by The Design Department and the photographs were provided by SCS Group.

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