Welcome to Jamfish

Web Design and Development

Glasgow, Scotland

Hi, my name is Marc Inglis and I have spent the last three years studying Web Design and Development. I have attended college for two years before advancing into third year University. This website will guide you through what I have learned, produced and can create for you.

What is Jamfish?

Man working on art

Jamfish is a company that I have created during my Web Development course as a way to track my previous work while also moving into Freelance Web Development!

How can it help you?

Office table with various platforms

Since I am still a student I am looking to create a portfolio that will shape my future career. This requires me to make web products to build a platform of work. Since I am not fully qualified yet the prices will be cheaper than some on the market, so everyone wins!

What you can expect

Crowded Street

Professional looking web pages with a design that is intune with your business or personal needs. I take joy in creating web pages that fall inline with client needs and strive to create the best products possible!

Course Work

Year One

Man working on art

HNC Digital Design. This was at City of Glasgow college and was an introduction to web technologies, user experince design and object-oriented programming.

Year Two

Office table with various platforms

HND Digital Design and Development. My second year at City of Glasgow College delved more into web technologies, human computer interfaces and finished with a self guided, live client graded unit.

Year Three

Crowded Street

Hons Web Design and Development. I moved my studies to Edinburgh Napier University to further my education into advance web technolgies, digital storytelling and user centred organisation systems.



Old school basic computer

Five static web pages designed with a theme that suits your professional or personal style!


Flashy computer set up

The basic package, with a blog and admin panel included to allow easy posts.


IMB servers

The intermediate package along with a database that can be searched by users and edited through the admin panel.